Our Farm provide a stunning setting; a majestic, panoramic view with the Blomfontein Mountains as a backdrop.  The Chapel, Spacious Grand Hall, Outdoor Terrace, and the Garden with Fountain, each provide you with choices for the atmosphere of  your Wedding.

When you choose Blomfontein Venue, we choose you. We host just one event at a time, so when the big day comes, you will be the complete center of attention. 

Signature Weddings. Stylish Events... Adventures


​Not sure where to celebrate your birthday? Choose Blomfontein to simplify the planning process. Whether you're looking to host a large party or quiet and romantic dinner, we've got the perfect birthday party venue for your special occasion.


A fantastic off-road experience awaits at  Blomfontein area. Offering 80Km  of Karoo mountain trails, breathtaking views, easy to advanced. Recently visited by the RSG 4x4 club  and found to be a gem for enthusiasts.  


Professional Mountain bike teams described the scenic (safe from traffic) trails as a treasure in the Karoo Midlands.


Some other activities includes hiking, bird and game watching in the private reserve. 

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